About Us

This web site is a humble take on the universal knowledge with specific focus on legal awareness in India. The contents are meditative and substantially run from inward to the outward world. The web site attempts to serve seekers with analysis on specific and general subjects and conceptual knowledge rather than information. The sitemap provides the detailed view of the topics this web site handles. They are as varied from Defence to common: day to day matters, some as basic as housing, profession and daily bread. The web site provides periodic news analysis on selected topics of interest. On the media side there is nothing called ‘breaking news’ on this web portal. The world existed without our presence and would continue to do so. The contents are in common English language and may contain grammatical and punctuation errors. We positively support only those developments in the human world which do not run contra to humanity, environment, nation and the mother Earth.

Since the readers of today are short on time, only the conceptual side of the topics covered by the web site is discussed in brief. Subject to the disclaimer, they are free to apply the concepts according to their peculiar situation.

The web site has no vested interest in selling any product. There is no recommendation or endorsement to subscribe to any product described or advertised on the web site and they are only there for the commercial purposes as much as elsewhere.