Dispute Resolution through Mediation


Indian courts have always been overburdened with a huge no of pending cases since long. Pendency means long delays in final settlement of the dispute and in turn enjoyment of the fruits of litigation. Indian judiciary serves most diverse and also the highest number of population with its complex and diverse systems of personal and common laws. Like the litigants even the Indian Judiciary feels plagued by the excessive number of cases way beyond its capacity leading to a situation which is beyond anyone to ease.

The Indian judicial systems saw introduction of a revolutionary system of disputes redressal mechanism in the year 1996 when Arbitration and Conciliation Act was enacted. It aims to achieve amicable settlement of maximum disputes and reduce the number of cases in the courts of law. Under is legally established disputes settlement mechanism a person acts as a mediator to settle the matter legally and on the basis of principles of fairness, equity and justice towards parties to the dispute in a very informal and time bound manner. Such a settlement has the force of law and becomes binding on the participant to the disputes.

A good set of Mediator(s) is able to provide a legal and practical solution in a very short time may be just a few sittings together. This mechanism is fast and legal as compared to the judicial process which sometimes spreads to an entire life of a litigant.

We could provide Mediator(s) who are upright men of high conviction, legal and practical knowledge with great negotiating skills and provide solutions which are a win- win situation for every participant. The solutions our mediators provide in an informal and timely manner, are mostly very close to the judgements and spirit of the Supreme Court of India in decided cases with similar facts and situation as the one in hand.

Feel free to approach us with a dispute for its fair, just and equitable outcome in a time bound manner through the process of Mediation without having to move to the courts with its obvious delays and tribulations. Please fill the Contact Us Form given on the home page of the web site.