Does Vastu Work? If Yes, Does it Work with Reasonable Certainty ?

  1. Like with many other fields of Eastern philosophies, there is a tendency to treat Vastu like an occult subject. A lot is debated on the question, whether Vastu can be treated as science and its knowledge used with certainty and consistency. Quite similar to energy, Vastu can rarely be seen with sensory organs though the same could be felt. Vastu works in an extremely subtle manner and till the minutest level. We all invariably believe that realms and experiments, related to the quantum physics, are way beyond the scope of the common day yo day experiences despite the fact that same is at work on everybody even at the subatomic level. The case of Vastu is no different than quantum physics. Its working can only be sensed experienced by a few, but it is at work with every living being. Invisible like most of the energy forms, Vastu would work akin to gravity. You may not see gravity, but would experience the fall due to its effect. The first endeavour here is to spread awareness that Vastu works universally. This is a more difficult part than applying and adopting the principles of Vastu. Once this realization dawns, people rarely find it non-beneficial to accept the principles of Vastu and carry out the its remedies, than to live in ignorance and with its defects.
  1. The working of Vastu is subtler and apparently slower than other forms of matter and energy. As a layman, one finds it easier to understand working of Vastu mainly as effects of interaction between the matter and the energy. The buildings become the matter and the solar and magnetic fields take the role of energy. What is happening elsewhere starts to happen with the construction/building which becomes one of the innumerable cosmic micro systems. No sooner such a micro system comes into existence from its earlier state of scattered building material, the journey of the interaction between the micro and the macro system begins. The situation is no different from that of the foetus in the mother’s womb. So far as child is part of mother’s body, its destiny remains merged with that of the mother. His journey starts carving its own separate path from the moment it separates to begin its independent existence separate from the mother.
  1. From the time a plot separates or carves itself out of a piece of land with a new demarcated identity, it starts to draw energies differently. As the building is constructed a micro system is created. What all walls, fixtures, appliances and essentials are used in which direction, manner and place, then as a combination determine the types of energies that peculiarly affect the living organisms with a varying effect, and the micro system begins to channelize the energies.
  1. Many a disbeliever of Vastu’s existence and working do very much believe in home as a private domain separate from the rest of the world. Almost everyone has come across words and phrases to the effect “Home Sweet Home”. If one believes home to be a place separate from the rest of the world, then he surely believes in ‘Vastu’, even though unknowingly. It really helps to first address the question whether Vastu is logical, to arrive at a correct answer to the question whether Vastu is scientific. To know if Vastu is logical, we do not have many but one argument to support that it is, especially for those who believe it is not. The matter becomes easier if one believes that law is logical or at least expected to be. Law treats private properties different from the public ones. In -fact freedoms related to private properties are manifold. The first of them is the power vested in the owner, to restrict and control entry to the premises. It is a declaration to the world by the owner, that he or she is the master and controls the place. Thus, the first hurdle in believing Vastu a logical art or science is solved for the reason that like the law, Vastu also treats private and public properties distinctively.
  1. Vastu, like its elder sister ‘Astrology’, is difficult to be proved by mathematical formulas and laws of present day physics beyond a particular limit. But it becomes extremely easy to believe in Vastu as a science, by experiments and observations. All one needs to do, is to go around the locality having the independent houses. We find it much easier option than going inside each apartment of the multi storied buildings. Observe the following types of houses/plots and compare them with their neighbouring or other houses in the lane or the ones without the following peculiarities, in the same locality.
    • a. The residential plots/houses constructed at the end of a vertical road of a T junction.
    • b. The residential plots/houses constructed at a road thrusting (at an end where all vehicles come and have to necessarily turn right or left).
    • c. Buildings located n front of the main gate of a temple or other religious place.
    • d. Plots/houses constructed on a triangular plot.
    • e. Plots/houses constructed on shapes other than a rectangular or square shape plot.
    • f. Plots/houses constructed on though rectangular shapes but excessively farther from the dimensions of a square shape i.e. disproportionate inter se difference between the length and breath.
    • g. Plots/houses constructed on an irregular shaped piece of land.
    • h. Plots/houses constructed under a big tree.
    • i. Excessively large/small plots/houses qua the requirement and occupants they are required to serve.
    • One is likely to find the results, that residential plots/buildings with any one of the unremedied Vastu situational/locational faults would be inferior in looks, construction, exhibited prosperity, maintenance, renovation/vintage, when compared to the neighbourhood or the lanes in the same locality. By a general rule of probability, one may find 7/10 such houses inferior. Normally and naturally, people with similar financial status construct and live in a locality. That is why rates of property are first determined by locality than anything else. Give it a thought, whatever happened to these plots/houses that after starting on similar footing, owners of these properties started trailing behind their neighbourhood with passage of time or just could not come up with a good construction for whatever reasons (mostly financial in my view as a result of faulty Vastu) though they were similarly placed at the time of purchasing the plot. One would notice that since the purchase of the plot, their lives changed gradually or rapidly.
  1. Presence of aspects of Vastu can be experienced and experimented in many other ways also, by analysing each individual plot, house, apartment or building. But such an experimentation involves the preliminary knowledge of principles of Vastu itself and would make this article undesirably lengthy. We would also risk making the write up complicated for a person who is yet to get his first exposure to the magnificent ways of Vastu. It is for this reason that we would skip further deliberation on the question whether Vastu works.
  1. Vastu works on broad principles of source-sink and five elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space) that are constituents of the human being and the environment and without which life is impossible. On planet Earth, there are two major and substantial primary sources of natural electromagnetic energy- the Solar and the magnetic energy of the Earth. The part of the Earth which faces the Sun receives electromagnetic/solar energy @1400 watt/meter square per second. The Earth also has its own magnetic field which originates from (positive) North pole and sinks at the South pole. We all know the basic physics that electro- magnetic energy remains invisible to the naked eye, yet it differently energises the physical and magnetic systems according to their own physical and magnetic properties, which encounter the same. In the world of Vastu and Astrology, the planets also substantially influence the life on Earth in a significant way. For Vastu and Astrology, Moon the natural satellite of the Earth exhibits influences (due to its close proximity) equal to the planets. While the effect of the Solar energy and the electromagnetic energy of Earth’s field can be seen/experienced much easily, it is the effect of planetary system and individual planets, which are highly discreet and work in minute details on life at Earth. Vastu and Astrology incorporate these details to the practical and physically existing human world, with a good degree of certainty, consistency and accuracy.
  1. Each individual building whether occupied or unoccupied by human beings has its peculiar electromagnetic properties and characteristics. When it encounters the universally present electromagnetic and solar energies, it creates a micro eco- system of its own, as an entity different from the macro system, though always a part of the same.
  1. When living inhabitants such as human beings, occupy such a micro system, they exert their own influence by living habits and necessities of human life. Each human being is an electromagnetic system in himself and has varying degree of iron and other mettles constantly circulating all his body, all the time. The human body also has electromagnetic energy of its own. The daily chores of human life, by their very existence also pulsate the five elements in various parts of the building, differently. They do so, by lighting cooking fire in the kitchen, storing water in water tanks, frequently using water in washrooms and washing utensils in kitchen, meditating or thinking in their worship areas, sitting/drawing rooms, remaining static, sleeping or churning sexual energies as it happens in bedrooms, having heating/cooling appliances at different places, concentration of electrical energy at the main electrical panels, so on and so forth. The presence of children, adults and old persons in various parts of this micro system influences and gets even more influenced by the macro system. The science or occult knowledge of Vastu, seems to have studied and experimented these subtle and minute combined influences of various energies, with certainty and accuracy. Vastu prescribes various placements of kitchens, water tanks, wash rooms, toilets, living rooms, study, drawing room and bed rooms directionally and differently placed bedrooms for different age groups. Vastu even gets into the details of alignment of toilet seats, beds and furniture.
  1. At times, results of Vastu manifest in a subdued and more subtle manner and can’t be noticed without minute and combined analysis of other factors. This might happen due to the simultaneous mitigating influence of astrological cycles in the individual lives of the inhabitants of the building. Vastu concepts work universally and the knowledge of the field of Vastu in building and architecture, when applied correctly, results in enriching the lives of the owners and occupants. When occupants/people realize and observe that things are not happening in the desired way for unknown reasons, it is time to check the Vastu of the plot/building/house. And it is incumbent on the practitioners of Vastu that the charges for Vastu consultancy never become abusive, disproportionate of the time invested and in the least, beyond reach of the society at large.
  1. The competence and intuitive capabilities of the Vastu or Astrological consultant make the experience of each case different, so much as that of each patient with different medical practitioners in diagnosis and remedy. The individual receptivity, acceptance, capability and the capacity which we might term as destiny of the patient always remains at play in the forefront, even though admitted rarely.

Is it possible to take benefits of Vastu in multi storied apartments?

  1. Well the answer to this question is a happy and big ‘Yes’. Remedial Vastu works wonders for multi storied apartments where the building designs are pre- fixed and the occupant can- not alter the location of the apartment and inter se placements of bed rooms, toilets, kitchen, living room etc. The Vastu defects can however be rectified and/or remedied to a substantial degree by application of simple Vastu remedies. The possible benefits far outnumber the input cost of advice and remedies combined in finances, health, happiness and prosperity

Is it possible to take benefits of Vastu in Commercial, Industrial and Non Residential Buildings?

  1. Vastu works in all types of buildings whether they be commercial, residential, non- residential, industrial or any other type.Vastu balances and prescribes designs and placements according to the purpose which the building under consideration is required to serve. Each specific purpose can experience enhancement in desired results by correct application of principles of Vastu.

Which is the best time to take Vastu Advice?

  1. Most eastern origin science, medicinal methods, philosophies and arts such as Ayurveda, Astrology and even Vastu work in two stages. These are broadly divided into preventive and remedial parts. Preventive Vastu is best advised since the same works to boost prosperity, well- being and growth and prevent undesirable situation and circumstances or to mitigate their ill effects to the minimal. Purchase of a property usually involves investment and commitment of biggest chunk of life time savings whether already earned or borrowed to be repaid with future earnings. So, it is best to get in touch with the world of Vastu before committing into purchase or even renting a property for a long time. Some level of general information on Vastu is always available on the internet and the same could suffice in most cases. Analysing Vastu aspects is equally important for persons planning to purchase or move into flats/apartments in multi-storeyed buildings. Knowledge of Vastu helps in making better Vastu positioned and designed choices from amongst the seemingly similar flats from different rows and placements in the multi storeyed buildings. Rather, a purchaser or occupant equipped with the knowledge of Vastu angle may always have an edge over the other occupants blind to the same. If the Vastu advice comes at a price, the same is disproportionately trivial, when compared to the benefits which could be precisely derived. The possible benefits far outnumber the input cost of advice and remedies combined in finances, health, happiness and prosperity.
  1. Remedial Vastu works after the stage of construction is over or modifications to the existing plot or building are materially and economically not feasible. Vasu remedies work universally but are better applied on a case to case basis. Remedial Vastu works like an umbrella when on can’t avoid going in the rain or is already trapped in the rain. While it can’t possibly prevent a total protection from rain yet it can surely prevent one getting drenched and skin wet n the adversity of circumstances. The readers who are desirous of taking advice on Vastu from experts at a reasonable consultancy fee can fill up the ‘Vastu -Contact Us’ form.